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Leica X Vario update, body is bigger than the X2


More and more sightings and handlings of the new X Vario to be announced on Tuesday: There is no change to the specification and the lens is definitely an f/3.5-6.4 zoom (28-70 equivalent range) fronting an APS-C sensor similar or identical to that in the X2. The interesting titbit, though, is that the Vario’s body is bigger and heavier than that of the X2. One source in mainland Europe said she felt the body was more akin to an M rather than to the current X2. The screen is said to be much brighter than that on the X2 and the ISO performance has been tweaked, presumably to help offset the slow lens.

The X Vario will launch with a range of tasty accessories, including an M-style round-pillar hand grip and a collection of pretty leather cases in a galaxy of colours. The price is expected to be around €2,350 which equates to about £2,000.

As they get to hold the camera people are becoming a little more positive about the project, according to my source. Many feel that it will be highly attractive to a certain type of clientele which is not concerned with specification, nor with price. Unfortunately that segment is unlikely to include the traditional Leica liker.


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