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Leica M Monochrom arrives


For months I have been lusting over an M Monochrom and yesterday my pestering of dealers paid off. Len at Leica dealer R.G.Lewis found me an absolutely mint condition MM. It is only three months old, with Leica Passport to May 2014, and is pristine. After the new M240, the Monochrom brings me right back to all the goodness of the M9. It is slimmer and lighter than the M240 and feels better in the hand. I had an old M8 grip and an M9 Thumbs Up in black, so the new camera is ready for action. Naturally had to take it out for a spin and am loving the results although I am in the early stage of learning. There is only one snag: Aperture doesn’t yet like DNG files from the Monochrom. I had not anticipated this because Apple’s software processes other M digitals, including the M Typ 240. Lightroom 5, which is a free Leica download, came to the rescue.

 Leica Monochrom with 75mm APO Summicron. 1/30s @ f/11
Leica Monochrom with 75mm APO Summicron. 1/30s @ f/11


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