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iToddler or iTotterer: It’s the iPad for you


We don’t need surveys to tell us that iPads and tablets in general are hot property among young people. The prod-and-swipe interface of the iPad is just made for kids and they become productive much earlier with a tablet than is possible with a conventional computer. Strangely, the same logic applies at the other end of the age spectrum: iPads are being used by thousands of older people who would have never taken the plunge to buy a computer. It’s all because, well, you see, iPads aren’t computers. They are nice, friendly little devices that need no learning. Whether toddler or totterer, the iPad is for you.

This piece in The Telegraph tells us that 61% of three-year-olds and 38% of two-year-olds are playing and learning on iPads. The telegraph says iPads, but I suspect “tablet” would be a more accurate description. Without doubt, though, Apple’s products will be at the top of the list.

The only surprising thing about this statistic is that so many families can afford such an expensive toy for their young children.