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Diwali iPhone and iPad Air with compulsory extras


The iPhone 5S continues to break records around the world. In India Suyash Chowdhury has blown his Diwali pocket money on 53,000-rupee (£538) phone because he wants the best. He says will mean less of other shopping: “I can do without new clothes.” The new phone has been selling exceptionally well in India it seems.

The iPad Air is in big demand also. In Singapore there have been angry scenes at local Apple retailer, iStudio. Disgruntled blogger Ryu queued early on launch day only to find that iStudio would sell a new iPad only as a bundle with an over-priced $39 no-name screen protector. No wonder Ryu is incensed because this sounds like sharp practice of the worst kind. It is surprising that Apple allows this to happen.

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