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iPad mini for in-store delivery in UK


I understand that within a day or so Apple will launch an on-line ordering system to reserve an iPad mini for collected at the nearest Apple Store. This is welcome, and well overdue, news because I always hate having to wait in for deliveries. When my new iPhone 5S arrived last month UPS were unable to deliver (as usual). As a result I had to go to a great deal of trouble to get to the UPS depot in Kentish Town. This seems to happen every time I order from the on-line store and it is one of the reasons I do not use it unless absolutely necessary.

Apple’s system for ordering new products definitely needs an overhaul. For instance, it is not fair that those who order early from the on-line store have to play second fiddle to those, including more than a few scammers from my observation, are prepared to stand in long lines at Apple Stores every morning.

My view is that delivery to store for collection should be the default option and that supplies to store customers should not commence until all pre-orders have been satisfied. The current catch-me-if-you-can system is both unfair and irritating for regular customers. Of course, I can understand that Apple likes the current system. The faithful order on line and have to wait weeks while Apple’s PR machine can revel in the publicity that comes from having long queues outside their stores every morning. It is time Apple played fair with everyone.


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