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iPad Air from Minimally Minimal


Just to show I’m not obsessing over the iPad mini, here’s one of the best illustrated reviews of the Air from one of my favourite bloggers, Andrew Kim of Minimally Minimal. I share his enthusiasm for things minimal:

The iPad. It’s the computer I bring out when I’m not working. To my grandmother, it’s the only computer she can understand and use. To many people I know, it’s something they don’t think is worth $500. Its promise of being something everyone needs hasn’t crystalized yet, but it’s slowly emerging as Apple continues to chisel away at its aluminum shell. It’s a signifier of how Apple’s products are now more complicated than they once were. The iPad doesn’t have a simple tagline like a “1000 songs in your pocket”. In a way, it’s a testament to its noteworthiness. This is the personal computer we’ve been promised for the past decade but we’re just not ready to accept that yet.

Incidentally, Andrew, I would have been proud to have written that paragraph.


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