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iPad mini reviews: Apple’s second bite of the cherry


iPad mini reviews are in this morning and I am reminded that Apple’s marketing people have scored yet another good goal. I begin to wonder whether the couple of weeks between the appearance of the iPad Air and, now, the mini, is not simply good marketing.

After two weeks of oohs and ahhs over the wonderful, best-ever, lightest-ever, highest-resolution iPad Air we are now in for more oohs and ahhs about the wonderful, best-ever, etc, iPad mini. This gives Apple twice the exposure it could have expected had both products had been launched on the same day. Imagine if both Air and mini had arrived together: There would have been fewer oohs and ahhs directed at the virtues of one model. Instead many column inches would have been devoted to comparisons between the two. Because of this strategy both Air and mini will have their place in the sun.

Am I a cynic for thinking that the delay in iPad mini deliveries is purely strategic? If it is, it has worked yet again.