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Windows to Mac: Switching tips from Tuts+


When I converted to Macianity over eight years ago there was precious little help for the hapless Windows user. Suitable Mac applications to complement favourite Windows programs were thin on the ground and moving data was a frustrating operation frought with pitfalls, lost data and duplications. All that has now changed. Most of my friends have already made the move and those that haven’t are highly likely to be stuck on Windows because it is the chosen platform of their employer. I do not know a single Windows user who is an enthusiast and wouldn’t look at OS X under any circumsances. Perhaps I move in the wrong circles but it’s a fact.

Undoubtedly the strongest catalyst for Mac adoption has been the halo effect of the iPhone and, even more so, the iPad. These little fifth columnists have done more to sell Macs than any amount of word-of-mouth recommendation or advertising.

This week I came across an excellent Windows switcher primer on the Tuts+. Here are five things you must know when converting to Mac. Elsewhere on Tuts+ you will find lots of help and information on migrating data. Suddenly, moving to a Mac is no longer daunting. It now comes more easily to most after their experiences of Apple thinking in the iOS platform.


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