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MacPro: How to spend £15,375 in a heartbeat


The tiny cylindrical MacPro is here at last and is winning rave reviews. I think all Apple fans will lust after one of these shiny slate-grey powerhouses even if they don’t really need one. Most of us will have to put up with a top-spec iMac or MacBook Pro, but the favoured few will have fun shopping for their new staus symbol.

I did a quick check, loading up the little tower with the fastest 2.7GHz 12-core processor, a commodious 64GB of memory, 1TB of flash storage (why not?) and a super-duper graphics card. Then, of course, we need a keyboard, and some external storage. This isn’t the gear to hook up to a miserable a 1TB portble drive, so let’s go for some serious stuff: A Pegasus 12TB RAID system will do nicely, as will one of those nice 32in Sharp 4K monitors to view it all on. Add a keyboard and mouse, just to make the thing usable, and the total comes to £15,374.99 (including VAT, of course, and plus £25 each for all those wonderful Thunderbolt cables you will need).

On the other hand, if you just want to put a MacPro on your desk and look at it, you might as well go for the basic model, sans monitor, sans external storage and sans teeth. That will set you back a miserly £2,539, thank you. Whatever spec you choose, Apple tell me you will have to wait until February to get that winning little beer can on your desk.

As Engadget says, the new MacPro is in a league of its own.