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Support: Apple’s most overlooked innovation


Writing for techinions.com, Harry C. Marks believes that custmer support is Apple’s most over-looked innovation: “Without us even realizing, Apple revolutionized customer service by doing what it does best: thinking like a consumer.”

Sometimes we Apple users take Apple’s excellent customer support, not least of which is the easy accessibility of the Genius Bar, for granted. It’s only when we come up against the run-around offered by competitor companies that we realise just how good we have it with Apple products. As Marks says:

People can (wrongly) lament the lack of innovation in Apple’s products all they want. They can cry about how their Retina iPad minis don’t have TouchID, or how their iPad Airs are still too heavy to hold in one hand, but they need to check their priorities. When their tablets and phones and computers break, there is a company behind them to fix them. There are real people to talk to in-person who can hopefully come to some consensus about how to solve these problems. Customers don’t have to wait for return postage in the mail, they don’t have to hope their devices make it back to the repair facilities once they mail them out, and if the problems are easy to fix, they can most likely have the services performed on-site while they wait–or have the device swapped out for a new one entirely.