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iPad Pro: Everything you ever wanted to know


In answer to persistent rumours of a 12 or 13in iPad Pro, technology writer Federico Viticci of Macstories has put together all the potential options and analysed the pros and cons. He is by no means convinced that a monster-screen iPad is what the world is waiting for. But eventually, he is sure, there will be demand for a Pro pad:

As more people will switch to tablets as their primary computers, Apple will eventually face the challenge of users wanting to perform moderately complex tasks on iPads. It will only be natural, years from now, to have pro iPad users – as crazy as that sounds to longtime PC users. It will happen.

But why do we have to assume that “pro” means “bigger screen”? On the iPad, “portable” is more important than “big”. A device that’s portable and light can allow people to work from anywhere, at any time. An iPad that’s too big and heavy would be intimidating and bulky. The rules have been reversed.

The full article makes fascinating reading


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