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Hiding iOS apps from inquisitive eyes and fingers


One of the big problems with iPads and iPhones is the absence of multi-user facilities. I hate friends asking to use my iPad because all the apps are only a finger press away. How much worse must it be if you are pressured into letting children use your tablet. My brother, who manages IT in a large school, tells me that he has a constant battle to preserve the integrity of the stock of iPads, both to stop children downloading Candy Crush or worse and to prevent them changing the password. No sooner has he closed one loophole, the ingenious small people find another. 

One solution for your own iPad or iPhone is to hide apps. Mike Wehner at  tuaw.com has detailed how to do this by nesting folders. It sounds like a lot of fuss over nothing but, if your iPad is in demand by friends and kids, the time spent could be worthwhile.

Find out how to hide your apps here.