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iDroop: And the cure comes from Zagreb


No sooner do I start fretting over iDroop and searching for a safer pocket for the iPhone than in sails the solution from Zagreb, Croatia, of all places.

Bye bye worries over phone-induced impotence. A pair of WTF jeans from the Balkans is likely to be all the protection you need. These radiation-proof keks could be just the ticket, despite the hefty price tag. Pedja Pusela and his extensive coterie of colleagues aims to nip the modern scourge of iDroop in the bud.

The jeans even come in V1 and V2 versions just like the German’s secret rockets which rained down on London at the end of the second world war. With copper-bottomed protection like this, what man could resist? I’ll take the V3 please, for ultimate protection.