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Apple Watch: One day later and the Watch looks even better

I’ve already made my choice: It’s the 42mm in Space Black stainless steel with matching steel band

Last night I was enthusiastic about the Apple Watch. Since then I have had a night and a day to reflect. Was the initial enthusiasm misplaced? Is the Apple Watch a potential flop after all? I have read all the reviews, seen the rather mixed reactions from the fashion press but I have not changed my initial reaction. This is Apple’s next big thing and it will succeed. 

I am not basing this on the device we saw last evening, nor on the applications, nor the current major selling points. Rather, I am looking forward to next year or the year after when Watch 2 or 3 emerges. Wrist-mounted communications devices are here to stay and we cannot yet imagine where they will lead us. 

In 2007 the iPhone was widely derided (especially by John C. Dvorak who isn’t buying an Apple Watch either) and many commentators have had to eat their words. The iPhone launched with several disadvantages, including the inability to handle 3G and the absence of basic functions such as cut and paste. It was easy to dismiss. Yet it has developed into the an essential device. Along the way, iPhone demolished BlackBerry, Nokia, Motorola and the rest of the pack who reigned supreme at the start of 2007.

I strongly believe we will see the same development with the Watch. Eventually, this will mature into a device capable of total communications. It will not be long before it has its down cellular connection and can make and receive calls. It will eventually develop a text input system and features that we cannot now envisage. 

The Watch isn’t perfect but who would expect it to be? It is a first generation of a new device. It isn’t the prettiest,  nor the most stylish. But it is well thought out and will be a strong magnet for iPhone owners. It’s a great start and I want one.