Home Tech iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus: The choice is easy for me

iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus: The choice is easy for me


The decision is made: I will get the iPhone 6 Plus. For a long time I have coveted the larger phablets from other manufacturers but, wishing to remain in the Apple eco-system, I have had to bide my time.

I have been fascinated by the prospect of carrying just one device, something mid-way between the existing iPhone 5S and the iPad mini. I cut out the useful template from Arstechnica and was surprised to find that the 6 Plus is actually a bit smaller than I imagined. It adds a couple of centimetres to the width of the 5S and three centimetres to the height. I think my pockets can live with that. 

I envisage the 6 Plus becoming my book reader, my web browser and my all-day communicator. I make few voice calls so the extra size will not be an embarrassment. And since I always carry a bag of some sort, usually with the iPad mini and a camera stashed away, I might well start to keep the 6 Plus in the bag in place of a tablet. When the Apple Watch comes along early next year I will have the opportunity to use it for calls, thus avoiding the need to take the phone out of the bag unless I want to type or browse. 

The iPad mini has been a faithful companion but I now question whether I will need an iPad at all in the future. I could well opt for a larger iPad just to use around the house. Apple expects some cannibalisation, I am sure, but they could be surprised at the extent to which consumers will flock to the 6 Plus and neglect the iPad range. 

The one thing I will miss will be my Logitech keyboard folio. I need to look for a small keyboard that incorporates a stand for the iPhone, but I am sure there will be lots of interesting devices coming to the market in the next few months. 

So, decision made. Tomorrow morning at 8 am London time I shall be placing my order for a space-grey 6 Plus with 64GB of memory. Wish me luck.