Home Tech iPhone 6 Day: It’s 7.55 am and my finger is poised

iPhone 6 Day: It’s 7.55 am and my finger is poised


Pacific Time 11.55 pm and 7.55 am in London. My finger is poised to order the new iPhone 5 Plus. Overnight I decided to up the storage to the full 128GB. Could that make ordering easier? I doubt it but… Meanwhile I am learning “We’ll be back” in all manner of interesting languages. 

  • 8.05: Still asleep in Cupertino
  • 8.11: Must be some trubble a’t mill
  • 8.20: Hmmm
  • 8.25: At least it’s mooring in London. Pity the Californians waiting to go to bed.
  • 8.33: This is beginning to look like the troublesome live feed from Tuesday’s event
  • 8.35: Store in up
  • 8.42: iPhone 6 Plus ordered, delivery September 30 to October 3

I had expected to be able to arrange for the phone to be collected from a nearby Apple Store but I suspect this facility is available only in the United States at the moment. During the order process delivery was listed as September 19 but on completion of the order this stretched to September 30-October 3.