Home Tech iPhone 6 Plus arrives on time. Hugeness explored

iPhone 6 Plus arrives on time. Hugeness explored


I expected the UPS man to be dressed as Father Christmas when he appeared at the door this morning. It must be nice pleasing so many people in one day. I soon had the Plus up and running. Restoration from the iCloud backup was painless and quick, thanks to my new 150Mbps Virgin broadband. 

The device is now snuggled inside an Apple Project Red leather case (which, incidentally, appears to be made from a smoother and less rigid leather than previous 5S cases) and it even fits in the Belkin iPhone 5 dock without toppling over.

But it is big. When I briefly played with the two new iPhones in the Apple Store I decided that the 6 Plus was not as huge as many people suggested. Now it is on my desk I see the full enormity of the Apple phablet. In some ways the red case surround emphasises the size.

I will reserve final judgment until I have used the phone for a few days. However, since I have been boring you over the months about my preference for a phablet, a one-size-fits-all phone and tablet, I shall no doubt soldier on for the next year. I have no plans at the moment to bottle out and exchange it for the smaller 6.

There is also an unknown factor in the offing: The Apple Watch should play well with the larger phone, enabling it to be kept in a bag and brought out only for web browsing and reading.