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Fuji XF 56mm f/1.2: Is it worth upgrading to the new APD version?

The “old” 56mm takes a pretty mean shot. But is the new APD version worth an upgrade? (Photo: Mike Evans)

Three weeks ago when I reviewed the stunning Fuji XF 56mm X-Series lens I mentioned the impending arrival of the newer APD (“apodised”) version. Examples are now filtering through and many owners of the original lens will be wondering if it is worth upgrading. Fortunately, the question has been competently addressed by Ivan Loh in his article APD: The New King. The title really should have been followed by a question mark since there are trade-offs as well as benefits, as Ivan makes clear.

Read the full review which includes many comparative shots




  1. Hi Mike

    Interesting. Having just used my own 56 over in Cologne for a couple of days, I was mightily impressed. This is the first time I’ve had a chance to shoot with it. To my mind, in light of this review, there is little reason to change to the APD version for existing owners. A different question for those who are buying a 56 now though. Still 300 quid is 300 quid, and I know what I’d do.

    On a different note I upgraded the FW on the XT-1 (and XE-2) today. The e-shutter is a fascinating development, and the myriad of other stuff such as AF&MF ability is also useful. Don’t you just love Fuji for its customer focus and product support?



    • John,

      I tend to agree with you. I do not think I would see the benefit of the extra features in relation to the increased price.

      You beat me to it on the firmware update and I shall be running mine as soon as I get back to base. I had intended to do a short review later today. Have you had a chance to compare features on the XT-1 with those on the X-E2. From all accounts the update will give the X-T1 some serious advantages and could be another reason to choose it over the more compact -E2.

  2. The XE-2 doesn’t get the electronic shutter upgrade and misses out on a few other things. It gets the ‘Classic Chrome’ film simulation (but I can’t get too excited about that, despite Fuji’s trumpeting), and the AF&MF mode as well as interval timer shooting capability. The XT-1 upgrade has a lot more; 27 separate bullet points on the Fuji website, and a good few are significant additions.

    • I have now posted my initial experiences. Love the fast shutter and silent operation. Fuji really seems to look after its customers, new and old.

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