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MacBook: New 12-in model is a bold step towards the future of mobile computing


My procrastination in choosing a new mobile computing device knows no bounds. The story so far: The new MacBook is a product to lust after, but is it capable of handling photo processing and other processor-intensive stuff? On the other hand, the 13in MacBook Pro is highly competent, laden with ports, fast but rather boring. It’s the head’s choice, while the MacBook is the heart’s.  My decision, with heart and head in conflict, is to do nothing and soldier on with the old 11in MacBook Air. If in doubt, do nothing. 

Rhiannon Williams, however. writing in The Telegraph, has this to say in her very fair assessment of the single-port MacBook:

The 12-inch MacBook is a bold new product that could mark the beginning of a whole new approach for Apple towards Macs – effectively making them more iPad-like. The loss of the major ports, Force Touch trackpad and keyboard redesign are not incremental changes – they are devisive features you will either love or hate. It’s a beautifully designed and executed laptop; it’s a pleasure to hold and it slots right in between your iPhone and iPad to complete your Apple eco system. Yes it’s expensive, but if you’re willing to compromise on the aspects you may not not love, you’ll reap the rewards from the ones you do.

Watch this space

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