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Subscriptions to MacFilos | Email bulletins or RSS feed


Up to now it has been possible for readers to subscribe to Macfilos articles by RSS Feed (RSS = “Rich Site Summary” or, more entertainingly, “Really Simple Syndication”). Several readers have asked to register their email addresses so they can receive notification of articles as they appear. We have now set up a system which, we hope, will work well.

Registering for emails

We have arranged for one daily bulletin, Monday to Friday (none at weekends) which will list Macfilos articles published during the previous 24 hours. Click on the Mailing List button here or on the menu bar and you will be taken to a form for entry of your address. Your details will not be disclosed to third parties and will be used only for correspondence from Macfilos. Every email will contain details of how to unsubscribe.  

Registering for the RSS feed

If you are used to viewing RSS material you can easily add Macfilos to your feed. Click on the menu item Macfilos RSS and the details will be added to your RSS feed client of choice. If you wish to set up an RSS-based system, I can recommend FeedWrangler, which I use myself with excellent results, or Feedly. Safari and other browsers are also capable of aggregating regular feed bulletins.

If you haven’t used RSS before, it is a great way of receiving a daily summary of items that interest you. Most websites (including those sponsored by newspapers and magazines) include the RSS button (this example is for MacFilos, go ahead and press it)

Once you have your feed system organised it is easy to customise it so that you get instant notification of any items published by any of the sites that interest you. 

Trouble shooting

Things go wrong sometimes. If you have any problems whatsoever please get in touch with me at michael.evans@macfilos.com and I will do my best to troubleshoot. I have direct control over the email lists but less control over RSS. But I will do what I can. 


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