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Of bags, bags and more bags: Heading down to the Bowery


What is it about bags? In common with our associate editor Bill Palmer, I have a bit of a thing about bags. There is no such thing as the perfect bag, but that doesn’t stop us seeking. Just when we feel we’ve located the holy grail, along comes another seducer to tempt the wallet. Bill seems to have found peace in Nirvana, even if transitory, with his Millicans and his Ohyos, but I am still ferreting around in the great yonder.

So it was that my interest quickened when I saw Patrick Leong over at Findingrange.com had tested the ONA Bowery Camera Bag and had come away mightily impressed. My friend Ivor Cooper at Red Dot Cameras also owns an ONA and loves it, so am I missing out?

Patrick’s is one of my favourite camera blogs. He writes about Leica, Sony and m4/3—with some compelling and incisive reviews—and I very much respect his views:

I have to say, the ONA Bowery is absolutely one of the most comfortable bags that I’ve used in a long time.  Yes, it is small, which definitely helps in the comfort department but it’s not just that; the Bowery seems to have this amazing ability to hug my body very well yet also maintain its shape.  It also feel equally comfortable whether you’re carrying a fully loaded bag or just a camera with one lens.  Besides the minor issue I have with there being no closure system for the two front pockets, I was amazed at how easy it was for me to retrieve and put gear back into the Bowery even while walking.  Furthermore, its slim shape makes this bag perfect for the often crowded streets of New York City.

Incidentally, Patrick has the superb new 12mm Leica DG Summilux in for test and, quite by coincidence, so do I. It will be interesting to compare notes. Patrick is also waiting to get his hands on the the Hasselblad X1D and, since this camera is currently off my radar because of GAS-angst, I will keep you posted on Patrick’s reactions.



  1. I have this bag and I can highly recommend it. Perfect for a M, a second lens, a couple of filters (front pockets), and a few rolls of film. It’s a great, light carry.

    • Yes, important. As you realise, this was a link piece to Patrick Leong’s site so I don’t have the bag to evaluate. I hope to get my hands on one in time, though. Perhaps next time I visit the States….


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