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Westlicht Auction: What you can do with a hundred grand


William Fagan, a regular contributor to Macfilos, is also a keen collector of vintage cameras and loves auctions. He tells me that there were two particularly interesting lots in last Saturday’s 31st Camera Auction at Westlicht in Vienna. One was a Nikon, the other a Leica, but both are brought together by the almost identical price of €102,000, including buyer’s premium. It just shows what you can buy for the odd hundred grand.

The Nikon S3-M is particularly interesting because William heard that it was bought on eBay a year ago for only $15,500. The seller at the time must have been pleased with that result, but will now be feeling that the 650% inflation in one year is more than cruel.

The second highlight of the day was the Leica IIIc K Wehrmacht-Heer outfit which is an extremely rare piece and which had been estimated at between €70,000 and €90,000.

€102 grand is a lot of dosh, but seemingly small beer in the current camera auction market. 



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