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Leica Q Stickky Keybboard Sppecial Edition


Leica Special Editions have recently had a bad rap. The Brooks Brothers bow tie M240 was perhaps the low point of the year, but hardly a month goes by without another attempt to get us to open our wallets. This week, for instance, we have the Nikki Sixx limited edition.

  Mercifully we don
Mercifully we don’t have an illustration of the Stickky Q to hand, but you might be tempted by the Leica Monochrom Wigan Pier Edition, full details below

This exciting confection has more than a stickking keyboard to its credit. It is a whole new Leica Q edition with a a black snakeskin finish and is limited to only 28 examples. Good things come in small packages.

It is available only from the Leica Store LA at a cost of $5,250. Orders are now being taken. 

Still and all, l do believe the Leica Monochrom Wigan Pier Edition could be the one for you. It doesn’t have stickky keys for one thing. But perhaps there should be an annual Hektor Award, named after Max Berek’s dog, for the most contrived Leica Special Edition of the year. 

More reading on the current glut of limited editions:



  1. I am proud to say that I do not know who he / she Nikki Sixx or Wigan Pier are. Reading the horror stories how long it takes to have gear service by Leica I hope that Leica use the extra money they make on these Sppecial Edition to improve service turnaround.
    P.S. I am now into 3rd day of Leica SL ownership and loving it (sorry M10).

    • If it is any consolation, have a look at the Wigan Pier article and you will see that it is a satirical take on the current crop of special editions. Fortunately it doesn’t exist, but it epitomises some of the current trends……

  2. Will the camera have iron crosses on it? Like the basses Mr. Sixx uses to play? 🙂 🙂 😉 Anyway, I guess that I’ll skip this one.

    • I take two bits information from this, Frank. Firstly, you actually know who Mr. Sixxx is. And 2. you are right, the Eisernes Kreuz would be an unlikely embellishment for a Q. But it would go rather well with the snakeskin, I feel.

  3. Apparently, this Mr Sixx has something to do with ‘metal’. The youths who once supported this type of music must have acquired some wealth as they grew up. I am surprised at this edition as the music at the opening of new Wetzlar facility in 2014 was predominantly classical. I am a jazz fan myself, but I still would not buy a Duke Ellington ‘Mood Indigo’ edition or a Miles Davis ‘Kind of Blue’ edition.

    I am obviously not part of the target market, but I am sure Leica have done their market research.



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