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A Classic Case of Scotch: Quality cover for Leica’s M10


About three years ago I attended my first Leica Society annual get-together in Stratford-on-Avon. While I didn’t meet any bards, I did happen across Paul Glendell, the man behind the well-known Classic Cases brand. I learned that he is a professional photographer, a great Leica fan and a specialist in sublime protective gear for Leica cameras. 

It didn’t take me long purchase from him a very attractive case in black leather with red lining for my Leica M240. Some time later I bought a matching strap from Paul. I largely use a case like this for protection and grip rather than show, although I have to say that it sits well on the camera. I have been very pleased with it and it has provided great protection to the M240 over the past three years.

When I acquired the new M10 at the end of May this year, I immediately inserted it into my old Classic case. However, since the M10 has had a course at Weight Watchers, the ensemble looked very much like a young fellow in his big brother’s suit. The grip was fine, though, but the overall effect was lacking. I also found that the old case obscured the buttons at the back somewhat. I was aware that Mike had been working with Paul on the design of the new case for the M10 and he showed me a prototype at Photographica last May. 

When the new case was announced on Macfilos recently I immediately put in an order for a new case and strap with the same colour combination as before. I have received my case and strap recently and once again I am very pleased with Paul’s work.

Here is a view of the back of the case, which shows the excellent access to the buttons on the M10

It will also be clear that this design allows the use of a thumb grip, with Leica’s new device or the more traditional Thumbs Up from Tim Isaac at MatchTechnical the USA. I don’t use one myself, as I don’t find having my thumb up in the air to be either natural or comfortable. In fact, the combination of camera and case provides excellent grip as it is.

Paul has put my initials on the base, a very nice touch. Also something that will please Mrs Sturgeon is the engraving ‘Hand Made In Scotland’. Paul has moved his business to Scotland from Devon since I first met him in 2014.

Finally, the eagle eyed will have spotted that Paul has provided a very nice large pad on the strap. When I first saw this, I wondered how was going to get that into my Billingham bags? However, I quickly found that it wraps nicely around a Leica M lens to provide extra protection as shown below and it fits just perfectly into my Billingham bags.

I am a very satisfied customer and I can highly recommend Paul’s Classic Cases. Find the full range here.





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