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River life in Indonesia


Macfilos Weekender by Andrea Minguzzi

I am traveling across Indonesia and I want to share one nice moment that I was lucky enough to catch on a picture.

The photo was taken on January 5 with a Fuji E-E3 and a Takumar 24mm lens.



  1. We spent our Xmas vacations in Indonesia. The first 5 days in Bali, then we moved to Bunaken, a small island next to Manado and finally we spent a week on a boat cruising the north western part of Raja Ampat where this picture was taken.
    Kids or people in general are not always pleased to be in front of a camera so I have a little trick: looking at them I move my sunglasses up to my forehead then, after few seconds, furrowing my brows I let them drop back on my nose. Invariably, this gets their attention and oftentimes produces a smile.
    There are more pictures I can share but being new to this, I don’t know how to do it.
    Please advise


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