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An encounter at the Dennis Severs house


Macfilos Weekender by Richard Scott

The little story is related to and indeed was made possible by Macfilos. 

Last December, while visiting London and inspired by the article in Macfilos, I went out of my way to visit the Dennis Severs house in Spitalfields. While waiting, in the rain of course, for the lunch-time opening, I saw this fellow leaning against the window of the pub across the street. While I’m not much of a street photographer, the contrast between his clothing and demeanour and that of the couple immediately behind him was too good to let pass. Better still, the pub itself provided a good background for an “environmental” portrait.

In all it was a great day, one nice picture, a tour of a fascinating house, and a very nice pub lunch (elsewhere) to finish.

This picture was taken with an X-Pro 2 and the Fujinon 18mm pancake.



    • Thank you Richard, you are very generous. As I said, I’m not much of a street or for that matter portrait photographer, but this shot had an interesting connection to Macfilos, so I thought it should be here.

  1. Just to say, that I think the picture succeeds better as a street portrait, if you cop off the left-hand door. But that’s a matter of personal taste, of course.

    • That’s a good point. I may also crop off the far right side door and lantern. That would make it more of a portrait by eliminating other details in the frame.


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