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An Apple for lunch keeps the Daleks away


Macfilos Weekender with John Shingleton

Spotted in Chelsea Market, New York at lunchtime: Two ladies engrossed in their Apple MacBooks. What’s going on here? We’ll never know but I would guess that the lady on the left is either blasting a reply to an email which has annoyed her or more probably she is rushing to finish a presentation for a two o’clock meeting.

But as for her friend on the right, something has really given her a shock. A nasty email or perhaps she has just received a message that Planet Earth is being invaded by Daleks. Looking to her right it seems as if that message has come too late to save her.

Personally I feel that there is only one real explanation for her expression — she has just read Donald Trump’s latest tweet (although Mike keeps telling me to keep off politics on Macfilos)

Photo taken  with my Leica X1 and converted to monochrome in Silver Efex Pro.




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