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Harlequin painter in silhouette


Macfilos weekender with Kevin Armstrong

The Harlequin theatre and conference centre in Redhill, Surrey had a facelift in 2016, includingthe replacement of the entrance canopy and repainting of the external metalwork. I happened to be in the café and was struck by the way the painters on their mobile platform were silhouetted through the frosted glass by the low westerly sun. I hung around until I saw a composition that intrigued me and caught the painter as he carefully touched up a corner of the metalwork. The only camera I had on me was that in my iPhone 5s but it captured the moment.



  1. The best camera is always the one you have with you . Nowadays that is a phone 99% of the time. Happy St Patrick’s Day to all Macfilos readers.


  2. Still a great companion for photos of the instant variety, thank you! To William enjoy your Bushmills, and Top of the Morning !


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