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Salt and vinegar or smokey bacon?


A difficult choice of flavours at Yangon Central Railway Station. Before travelling to Myanmar I had toyed with the idea of taking the circle train for a three-hour trip around Yangon. The guidebooks say it is a unique experience and provides great people photo opportunities. My plan was abandoned when I realised that I was only in Yangon on the Sunday and, secondly, it was so hot and humid that even the locals were complaining about the heat. I already had prickly heat and I could do without frying some more.

I took my usual early morning walk and decided to take a look at the station anyway. It turned out to be just a short distance from my hotel. Everything very rundown and there was little activity at the early hour until these two novice monks fronted up without their usual alms bowls, apparently intent on treating themselves to some bags of crisps/chips.

I had to move fast to get this crucial moment so I did not have an opportunity to get close and this is a big crop from the full frame jpeg Leica Q file.




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