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Panasonic LX100 Mk. II due to be announced on August 23

  The new LX 100 MkII, image courtesy of Nokishita and Photorumors
The new LX 100 MkII, image courtesy of Nokishita and Photorumors

The update to the Panasonic Lumix LX100 (on which the Leica D-Lux 109 is based) is to be announced next Thursday, according to Photorumors.com. After such a long gestation period (we were anticipating this camera way back at Photokina in 2016) it’s mildly disappointing to see very little difference between the old and the new. We have no specification yet, but we can presume there will be hidden improvements. 

 And the old Lumix LX100. Spot the difference, because I can
And the old Lumix LX100. Spot the difference, because I can’t

The fast DC Vario-Summilux f/1.7-2.8 appears to be identical and the 10.9-34mm zoom is the same. The LX100, as with the D-Lux, uses a slightly cropped four-thirds sensor with a conversion factor of 1:2.2 instead of 1:2 as with micro four-thirds. The lens, therefore, has a full-frame equivalence of 24-75, just like the old model. Surprisingly, according to the rumours, a black Mark II will be accompanied by an orange version. Remind me to skip that one.

We will have to wait to see what improvements Panasonic has made to the sensor, the image processor and the general operation of the camera. So far it looks very much like business as usual, although this could be a good thing in that there isn’t much wrong with the current LX100/D-Lux.

We can probably assume that the Leica version of the LX100 II will be announced in the next few months, possibly to coincide with Photokina in September.




  1. Looks the same as my silver LX 100. It would need to have some great new features before I would replace it. There still seems to be a market among Leica enthusiasts for the ‘badge engineering’ which Leica have done on various Lumix models, so a ‘new’ D-Lux seems likely. Which is ‘mutton’ and which is ‘lamb’?


    • Well I suspect the Panny will have a grip, which is more than can be said for the D-Lux. As Mike says, maybe it was good enough already. Which is juvenile Ovis aries and which is adult must be down to personal assessment. One has a grip, the other has a better guarantee, one is considerably cheaper than the other and so on.

      I know this is somewhat different, but my LX1, a CCD predecessor to the above was, and remains one of my favourite digital cameras for travelling with, I suspect that I would like one of these (probably the Panny) even more.

  2. My LX100 broke 8 months ago (the aperture diaphragm no longer opens when the camera is turned on) . I was told that I need to spend $150 just to send it to Panasonic’s service center for it to be checked. Would I have better luck if I bought the D-Lux version?

    • Of course I can’t be sure. I suspect Leica would have taken responsibility more readily, particularly if you had taken it in to one of their authorised retailers (or their London office). It really depends where you are and what the local warranty conditions are.

  3. Kebang Lin, Try a local camera repair technician … the ‘fault’ might be something as simple as soiled contacts which might respond to e.g. Servisol switch cleaner.

  4. Well, If I were to guess I would think that they have replaced the sensor (previously 12.8Mp based around the 16mp µ43 sensor) with one of the newer higher resolution sensors. Perhaps that’s all it really needed?


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