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Scotland’s rivers bask in record temperatures


If you enjoyed Paul Glendell’s article on the Xpan Leica yesterday you should take a look at this article on the BBC news site which includes Paul’s research and photographs about Scotland’s rivers and the record summer temperatures.


    • You cannot "deny the climate" Paul, but you can demonstrate that the climate changes continuously of its own volition, human influence is negligible.

      Moreover, it is the height of human arrogance to assume that the planet would not exist without governmental control.

      Sorry that my reluctance to succumb to the cult of blind following does not meet with your approval.

  1. Congrats Paul. Great work on both the photographic and climate change aspects. We must be careful what we do with the planet that we have ‘inherited’. What we do, does affect it and our fellow inhabitants of the planet, both human and non human. Governments only need to get involved when there is failure to recognise the environmental impacts of human activity, which is clearly the case at this time in our planet’s development.


    • Yes William.

      There is always someone ready to attempt to defend the indefensible.

      If you read the facts about the north Atlantic as touched on by the arrogantly dismissed article below, you might learn just how indefensible virtually anything that comes from the BBC is.

      • Hey guys, I don’t think we should be getting into contentious issues on a photographic blog or things get poisoned and we all end up falling out. Let’s try to stay off politics.

        • I was waiting for you to make a comment Mike.

          The article by Paul, who makes some excellent accessories with beautiful materials, is extremely contentious and political.

          Who is being offended here?

        • Agreed. Anything I say is informed not by politics or blogs or broadcasters or articles or the like, but simply by my life’s experience. You are right about keeping politics off the blog/forum.


          • Yes William, I have heard of internet bullying…

            Never really experienced until now.

            I suppose it is one of life’s experiences.


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