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Macfilos Christmas/Season/Holiday/Solstice Greetings 2018


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For those of us living in the northern bits of the northern hemisphere, Christmas has specific connotations. After all, conveniently and not entirely coincidentally, it also marks the winter solstice. There is often snow about, although less likely in Britain these days. And the odd Robin. Not many sightings of mangers and suchlike these days in our secular society. But would Bob Cratchit have tugged the heart strings as effectively, and would Ebenezer been quite the harsh taskmaster if they’d both been riding the surf in their budgie smugglers? I think not. 

So John Shingleton’s way of offering Season’s Greetings to all Macfilos readers is somewhat unusual, to our northerly eyes. No snow, no robins, no bracing walks to the pub. Just boring old sun, and a surfing Santa in a pair of Flexpandable Stubbies.

I can add our good wishes to Macfilos readers whether in Guam (yes, we do have one) or in New York, London or Hong Kong. And in Australia and New Zealand, of course. Enjoy The Season, The Holidays, the Winter or Summer Solstice and, even, Christmas. Old traditionalist that I am, I shall be eating turkey and cranberry sauce and finishing off with Christmas Pudding, a confection that only the British seem to like. Everyone (except perhaps our friends in Australasia) detests it.

Macfilos is taking a couple of days off. So enjoy whatever you are doing.


You can find more from John Shingleton at The Rolling Road or on Instagram at therollingroad.


  1. Have an excellent Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone, enjoy the break Mike and put your feet up.

    I have to say I do like the Aussie version of Xmas, as it beats the cold, icy snow laden version we get in this half of the world.

  2. Gee thanks John. We have our first frost warning tonight.

    Merry Christmas to Mike and all subscribers from the Essex Sunshine Coast. (UK)

  3. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to Mike and all Macfilos contributors/readers.

    As a resident of Victoria, where it nudged 40 degrees Celcius today and will again tomorrow, I quite like the idea of a northern, white Christmas!



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