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Travelling with Leica CL and Lumix GX8

Gulu dancers – Leica CL, 18-56mm
Gulu dancers – Leica CL, 18-56mm
Gulu dancers – Leica CL, 18-56mm

A small travel camera. Micro four-thirds or APS-C? These are common choices and here on Macfilos we’ve gone over the many pros and cons in the past.

Yes, there are compact APS-C cameras. But longer lenses can be bulky. Micro four-thirds, on the other hand, offers the possibility to use surprisingly long zooms without straining the muscles.

Jaap Vleeskruijer has explored the difference between his two cameras of choice, the Leica CL and Panasonic GX8, in a very comprehensive article for Daniel Kestenholz’s Theme website.

Jaap’s conclusion?

Moving away from heavy gear was the right decision. The Panasonic did well enough, although I would prefer carrying two CL cameras whenever Leica would release a compact, stabilized long zoom for APS-C. Maybe Sigma will make my wish come true, who knows.

Despite this, some of Jaap’s wildlife shots taken with the GX8 and the 100-400mm zoom are extremely impressive.

Read the full article, which includes a good selection of excellent photographs, here at Theme (which claims to be the world’s shortest photography domain).


  1. Oh no my cover has been blown – you caught me trying out profile pictures!

    God I’ve missed reading here in my spare evening hours.

  2. Jaap’s definition of lightweight is somewhat different to mine. A Leica X1 is lightweight in my book. What Jaap took on his travels at 8 kg would just make the limit for carry on baggage on an international flight. The contents of his camera bag is more than many Aussie camera shops stock nowadays.
    I presume he took out a gym membership some months before setting out.

  3. All things are relative, of course. The Gx8 and 100-400 for a safari are positively diminutive compared to an equivalent focal range in FF DSlr land.

    Some beautiful photos from both cameras.


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