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Leica launches Project Z


Seven lucky up-and-coming photographers will be jetting around the world for the next twelve months, with their individual selection of Leica camera in hand.

The photographers will demonstrate their unique eye and style. Images captured will range from youth identity and sub cultures, to social documentary and tourism affected landscapes. Their final works will be displayed in a dedicated group exhibition at the new Leica Gallery London; in addition, each photographer will be able to exhibit their projects for six weeks at the prestigious Leica Store City at the Royal Exchange.

Going solo

The first solo exhibition will open at Leica Store City on 18 July with Joshua Osborne’s ‘Mr & Mrs H’, a behind closed doors look into the lives of the Howlett family as they embark upon their family mission to succeed as amateur body builders. Shot on the Leica CL, the exhibition provides an intimate insight and treads the intricacies of family life within the macho underground world of UK amateur body building.

As Joshua Osborne explains: “I have been thinking about this project for a long time, so I was extremely excited when Leica approached me to work with me on Project Z. Using the CL was an amazing experience and seeing my exhibition come to life at Leica Store City is an incredible opportunity.”

Joshua Osborne’s 2017 study Habanaboy, which explores the male sub-culture of modern-day Havana

Iconic images

Jason Heward, UK MD at Leica, says that “Leica is always associated with the greats of photography, as the brand that is used to capture iconic images. We are perhaps less known for our work nurturing new talent. We do not just do this through awards such as the LOBA Newcomer Award, or the Photographers Gallery New Talent, our nurturing takes place across all parts of the company. Project Z is a new UK-based initiative where we can support new talent who will be part of the tomorrow’s zeitgeist.”

In addition to supporting the seven up-and-coming photographers, Project Z will reach out to youth initiatives by offering workshops, Q&A sessions and talks with leading Leica photographers to continue inspiring the next generation. The photographers selected for project Z are Catherine Hyland, Lola & Pani, Cian Oba-Smith, Nina Manandhar, Joshua Osborne and Rosie Matheson.

Learn more about Project Z here


    • John, yes spot on. This may be a laudable project to do when the business is riding on the crest of a wave but I would have thought that now is definitely not the right time.
      I wonder how the 12% of the Wetzlar workforce who have just been made redundant feel about this junket?
      Not a good look Dr Kaufmann.


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