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Unboxing all my Grandpa’s Leicas


Here’s a happy little diversion for you. Imagine your collection of cameras discovered in the loft by a future generation. What would your grandchildren make of a 1930s Leica screw-mount body or a “skinny” but weighty 13.5cm f/4.5 Elmar? Let’s find out.

This little video, brimming with enthusiasm and discovery, gives us a flavour of the future. Sara Dietschy inherited all her grandpa’s cameras and lenses, built up over a lifetime of photography. She admits she is more of a video person, but what does she make of this collection? To discover the delights of photography of yesteryear, she loaded a film into granddad’s Leica R6 and went out to grab some shots in South Korea.


  1. If only I could have been this lucky and discovered my grandfather had left behind a series of legacy film camera’s I could mess around with.


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