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Happy Independence Day to our American readers


Here’s wishing all our many American readers a happy Independence Day. For some mysterious reason, Macfilos is more popular in the US than in any other single country. Perhaps it’s the spelling.

But I do know from comments and correspondence that our articles are followed closely on the other side of the Atlantic. Unfortunately, today and tomorrow we’re hard at work over here, despite the heat, so we can all envy you your long weekend break.

Independence 2014 at the Lincoln Memorial (Image Mike Evans, Leica T)

While I’m here, if you fancy a bit of light reading after the barbecue, discover three reasons the American Revolution was a mistake. But don’t take it too seriously: We British are also in a bit of a mess at the moment. We might be joining you soon.


  1. Happy Independence Day. I’ve just finished a straight 12 hour shift 😂 and I’m on call all night yippee.

    What’s a long weekend?

  2. Seems like writer forgot Americans thought we were being treated as second class, insane taxation, no voice in parliament, corrupt governors appointed by the king, king did not want to expand. Colonist said Up Yours George, we are going our own way. over the Hessians was the wrong move.

  3. HA! The biggest majority came from Hesse-Cassel. The reason I think Macfilos is more popular here USA is we know Class when we read it!


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