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Leica SL2 due soon, will feature IBIS according to rumours


New information on the forthcoming Leica SL2 has been published on Leica Rumors. According to sources, the camera will be announced within the next two weeks. As expected, it will have a 47.3MP sensor and, overall, seems to bear a remarkable similarity to the Panasonic Lumix S1R in specification.

The article confirms that the body will feature IBIS and will include the same 5.76MP viewfinder as the Panasonic S1R. It is said that the camera will have a “lighter aluminium body” which with luck will mean an overall lighter camera.

Since the current SL2 is already some 170g lighter than its Panasonic Lumix cousins, this could be good news for Leica fans and L-Mount system users in general. The current SL weighs 847g.

Further good news for existing SL owners and owners of the Q2 is that the battery will be the same as the one used in those cameras.

The European price is expected to be €5,995 which, if true, will probably translate to £5,495 here in the UK.

In a further article, Leica Rumors reports that Leica lens prices will rise by 25% in the USA on November 1 and that increases in some cameras will follow in December.

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  1. It has been extremely slow coming but I am sure it will be great for amazing images. I love my S1R both in haptics and image quality so it bodes well for the SL2. However, I suspect the SL will not be as good with m-mount glass as the SL is. This is based on my S1R experience.

    • I am fairly sure you are right, Brian. Leica is the only company that has the incentive to modify the sensor to work better with the peculiar requirements of the M glass. This was the case with the SL and I would be surprised if Leica doesn’t make a USP of this with the SL. I have been using M glass with the S1 and, if the SL2 offers superior and is a little lighter than the S1, then there will be sense in buying it.

  2. At the LHSA meeting in Boston Sean Reid made it clear that M lenses will always perform much better on M cameras than on L cameras. He also expects issues with 47 MP sensors and diffraction loss may kick in at lower f stop numbers. Sean is a beta tester for Leica and was obviously bound to silence on the forthcoming SL2. Dr Kaufmann at the same meeting described the M as being the core of Leica. He said little or nothing about the L series, but that may be because the launch is a few weeks away.


    • I agree with Sean that M lenses are best used on M cameras except in special cases — such as with the Noctilux where some people have focus difficulties with the rangefinder. Another aspect is that the modern SL lenses are the equal of the best M lenses if you can live with the bulk. But I am sure that the SL2 will offer a better experience with M lenses, especially ultra-fast models, than does the S1R. But whether the average user will notice is quite another matter.

      • Had my seat belt on. Mile High Club usually has a less reputable meaning, of course, but having been brought up as a God fearing boy, I would never do such a thing. I even managed to get to mass in Boston on the morning after the LHSA dinner.


  3. Dr Kaufmann also mentioned a mysterious ‘Project Walter’. It could be lens related, because of Mandler. There was a rumour going around about another modern re-hash of an old lens design. I am a Berek man myself. I would love to see an M mount Summar.


  4. Not that I will be buying one, but in my view it will sell better if it is easier to hold than its predecessor. I am given to understand that even the Panny is heavier, but better to hold.

    I borrowed one of those SL’s, and I hated it with the only standard lens at the time. However, I still had three or four modern Leica M lenses at the time and using those made the camera usable, if still not glove like. I actually had the same issue (with the added crop factor) with the CL, which I have also got rid of.

    I later tried it again, I had the cash in my pocket at Red Hat cameras, I dithered for ages, and then walked away.

    Sometime soon, I am going to further rationalise my unwanted camera collection and get myself a better standard M lens, probably a 50 Summilux. I till think that there is room for an M with an EVF, that is, similar in every dimension to the standard film or digital M, but with the EVF rather than an OVF.

    Mind you, I won’t be buying one of those either.


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