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Bushfires: Putting things into perspective


Two weeks ago I was planning a drive to inland New South Wales for the following day and was frustrated that the NSW Government Roads App showed that the road I had planned to take was closed due to bushfires.

Nine hours

I would have to take a diversion which would add an extra hour and a half to my journey. I was sounding off when my eyes alighted on the following notice in the corner of the map.  A nine-hour diversion! That certainly put my little inconvenience into perspective.

Imagine trying to explain that to your wife:

“Where on earth have you been I was expecting you home for dinner?”

“Well, dear, there was this nine hour diversion.”

“And you expect me to believe that?”


  1. A pity we can’t send you some rain from around here. The would surely extinguish the fires that rage in some parts of your country and elsewhere if need be.

    • It’s a major , major concern that we’re still in Spring and the fires are already this destructive! By the end of a typical Australian summer, this place will likely be a giant tinderbox.

  2. I suppose it depends where the 9 hour diversion took you.

    I reckon we have had 8 hours plus of rain today in Kent, I drove in the dark this morning to work in pouring rain, and drove home in the dark pouring rain this evening. No chance of a bush fire here me thinks.


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