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Porsches, coffee and a spare Leica X Vario

People were getting seriously enthused around this one. I cannot understand the rear wing. It reminds me of my childhood with Meccano.

A few weeks ago, I decided to visit the regular Porsche Club Coffee and Cars in Dural, New South Wales. The run down the M1 motorway at 7 am was extremely quiet, although I did spy a Tesla Model S with the registration plate YOU8ME. Now what sort of nasty moron has this as the plate on a premium car? It’s upsetting to think that people like that are roaming free.

There was a big turnout of Porsches at the cafe but, disappointingly, merely a handful of early model cars. A very high proportion were the latest cars. I knew only about six people. I have been a Porsche Club member for 20 years but I felt very much out of place. The world has moved on. The new members with their immaculate, complex and very expensive new model Porsches are on another planet to me.

The Porsche Club has changed. I am feeling my age.

All pictures were taken with the now-discontinued Leica X Vario

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  1. I used to love dragging my newish 997 to events like this. I’m not sure whether it’s the same with you but the new Porsche drivers seem to be using them as everyday drivers rather than garage queens. Most of us new owners looked across jealously at the owners of the older models, wishing we could find/afford one of my favorites: 911 2.7RS (still the best car I have ever driven), the 993 Turbo, and the one that got away, the 996 GT3, that a friend offered to me and I stupidly declined.

    I had a friend with a Martini colored Delta Integrale Evoluzione which was like a crazed dingbat to drive – either on or off, but nothing in-between. And similarly my ex-wife was inspired by Michelle Mouton to buy an Audi quattro which she was more than capable of throwing it sideways when she chose to.

    Happy Days!

  2. Your early 911 is a stunner. The small bumpers and lack of ugly spoilers and aerodynamic aids allow you to appreciate the distinctive and unmistakable profile of the car, and the Fuchs alloys are the perfect accompaniment.

    Nice photos from the ‘obsolete’ X Vario too!

  3. I share a similar experience, also Porsche Club member for 20 years. Owned my completely original 964 C2 for as many years. Flirted with the later watercooled on several occasions over the years but never lost the faith, and really glad I still have my beautiful 964. Every time I think of selling it the next drive confirms it’s going knowhere. Dropped in at my regional monthly meet last month, good turnout with a handful of aircooled but as you say very much in the minority now.


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