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Sigma 70mm f/2.8 Macro Art: Picture Gallery


The L-Mount Alliance has completely transformed the opportunities for owners of Leica’s SL and SL2 cameras. Previously, buying the undoubtedly excellent native SL lenses was a major commitment. Now, with the addition of Panasonic and Sigma lenses to the range, there are some stupendous bargains to be had.

One such is the Sigma 70mm f/2.8 DG Macro Art lens which occupies a unique spot. There are currently no macro lenses available from Leica or Panasonic, other than the 24-105mm zoom which is supplied in the S1 and S1R kits and the APS-C 60mm Leica TL.

The 70mm Sigma is a thus a welcome guest at the dinner table. With superb build quality and optical performance, this is an L lens that everyone should have in their bag. And with a recommended price of £499, it also offers exceptional value for money.

During the lockdown, I’ve taken the opportunity to try out the macro capabilities of this lens in the garden behind my home. The results are well up to my expectations and I have to say that I am tremendously impressed, especially when the bargain price is taken into account.

I have to keep reminding myself that this is just one of a large range of Sigma Art lenses that offer remarkable performance and value for money. Even the little 45mm f/2.8 is a lightweight gem, despite belonging to the “lesser” Contemporary range.

At last, the SL or SL2 owner has a vast choice of lenses covering a wide range of prices. The images below demonstrate the macro capabilities of the 70mm lens, but it also performs well as a portrait lens and in general photography.

The author is managing director of Red Dot Cameras in London. The store and website is temporarily closed because of the Coronavirus emergency.

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  1. After much deliberation, I ordered one of these lenses last weekend. Acknowledgement on Monday morning with forecast delivery for later this week. Within 24 hours a DPD courier arrived with my package. Brilliant service by Castle Cameras of Bournemouth and Salisbury, the only vendor I could find with stock, and a brilliant price £419 delivered.

    First impressions. Extremely high quality manufacture and finish. A little bit bulky when fitted to a CL body. But ideal for my intended uses. Excellent value for money. Can be used handheld, but more at home on a tripod. That is how I will be using it, mainly.

    Thank you Ivor for your contribution and fine flower shots. What working lens apertures did you use?

    • One really welcome aspect of the L-Mount Alliance is that we can buy relatively specialist lenses such as this at a reasonable price. It this lens were made by Leica it would cost not three times a as much but nearly ten times as much. You’d really need to want one at that price. But at the price you paid, the decision is much easier and all the more welcome for it.

  2. I’ve got one on my CL camera, and it can certainly produce the results once you get used to it. The extending barrel is a bit of a curiosity, and makes it a little difficult to use on subjects which may run or fly away, or otherwise buzz off. It’s fine for static subjects. The AF is OK, although I do find that it hunts a bit at times. It seems to work best in the way I tend to use macro lenses, which is to go to manual and focus the subject by moving in on it. It’s certainly value for money.

    • The extending barrel is less elegant than internal focusing. However, the explanation given by Sigma, fully justifies the trade-off between mechanical design and lens performance. For macro shots of living creatures, a longer focal length is a better solution. The other alternative is the development of stealth skills.


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