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M10-R: Best-laid plans of mice and men


This was to be my first real break of the year, a week in the Peak District, and I had plotted and planned with Leica to take an M10-R demonstrator away for the ride. It was arranged several weeks ago and all I had to do was collect it from Leica Duke Street store yesterday morning.

In preparation, I had carefully packed chargers, batteries, cables, cards and a trio of suitable lenses — 35mm Summilux, 50mm Apo-Summicron, 75mm APO-Summicron. I was looking forward to a week with just the one camera. I could have had the camera last month, but I decided to reserve it for the little staycation and give Macfilos readers a little treat.

Just as I was looking forward to checking out the colours of the M10-R during a week in the Peak District, it’s back to the old SL2 and business as normal
Just as I was looking forward to checking out the colours of the M10-R during a week in the Peak District, it’s back to the old SL2 and business as normal (Image Leica Camera AG)

Unfortunately, when I made my way to Mayfair yesterday morning the test camera was nowhere to be found. After investigation, it transpired that some unthinking journalist had failed to return it on time. Worse, there wasn’t another camera to be had.

These things happen, of course, and there were apologies all round, accepted with good grace. The review will take now have to take place later. I returned home, unpacked all the M stuff and replaced it with the SL2 and some lenses. So, instead of a review of the M10-R, you are likely to be reading of my continuing relationship with the SL2. A wasted opportunity to get the M10-R into some stunning countryside. As Robbie Burns said, the best laid plans of nice and men gang aft aglay.

I will be away for the next week but some features are ready for publication on my absence. See you in September.


  1. Look after my part of the country, we don’t just let anyone in you know, but luckily SL users are usually seen as being sort of OK. So Enjoy.

    • Rain, rain, rain, so now I know who to blame. And hardly anywhere to recharge one’s electric barouche. As far as I can tell there are only two single 50 kWh to serve the whole area. One in Buxton (out of order for every days) and one in a Leek (working). So bit many electric cars in this neck of the woods, I take it.

  2. Enjoy the break, and the Peak District, I will sit where you know I currently am, wishing I was looking at the scenery you currently see.

    I am actually keen to see what the SL2 produces for you. I look at some of the weather fluctuations of recent days, and think you will see some amazingly wonderful stuff. For me, who cares which bit of kit it was captured on.

    If I was to express a slight irritation, then it would be that some arrogant Journo, felt it was acceptable to just keep the camera out when they should have returned it. If you are that Journo, and you happen to read here, then I hope you are happy with yourself.

    Have fun Mike, and I for one will look forward to seeing the wonderful peak district in all its SL2 glory.

    • Thanks, Dave. What surprises me is that Leica don’t have a spare camera on the shelf for just such occasions. In the great scheme of things it wouldn’t cost much because they can sell it secondhand for at least as much as it cost. But I agree with you on journalists. I’ve always been punctilious in returning tings on time and it’s very inconsiderate not to stick to the timetable. Anyway, I’m quite happy with the SL2 and CL. It’s nice to be able to swap the lenses around and enjoy the benefits of the crop factor.

      • Enjoy the moment.

        Inconsiderate people seem to be an hazard of modern living. They appear to fail to understand their shortcomings, instigated by their actions.

        It is a shade unfathomable why Leica didn’t release another bit of kit. I can think of an answer, and it rhymes with the last word of the previous sentence. hmmm!

  3. Mike, I am sorry for your disappointment but knowing what a resourceful man you are, I have no doubt that you will find plenty to photograph in the Peak District. Now how many old millstones will you find?

  4. Frustrating and a PITA!

    It makes me wonder what I would take if I were going to spend a week in the Peak District, other than a list of pubs with good food and beer, a compass and the appropriate Ordnance Survey maps.

    For me it would have to be the CL (there’s nothing else!) the TL 18-56 f3.5-5.6 (28-85 FF equivalent) the TL 23mm f2 (35mm equivalent), and an Elpro52 for the occasional macro shots. All in a Peak 5L Sling with a small tripod, spare memory card, spare battery and a Nitecore charger.

    • I rather share your choice of apparatus, Le Chef, except that I have never seriously considered finding an Elpro52 for macro work. Perhaps I should start looking because a dedicated macro lens is bigger and heavier for very little us ‘on the road’. I am all in favour of a small flexible outfit and your choice is one of many which would fill the bill.

  5. Enjoy your holidays Mike. Having lived in Scotland your Robbie Burns quote reminds me the traditional Haggis supper with nips and tatties. I’l pretty sure ye ken fit I’m talkin’ aboot!!! Have a great time in the Peak district

    • Thanks, Jean. Having arrived at my cottage out in the sticks I find no Wi-Fi and almost no cellular. So I might be well and truly absent this week.

  6. For a second, I thought you were bringing a box of paints, some brushes and an easel to replace the ‘gone walkabout’ M10-R. That would give you some really relaxed image making. Are there paints which can give the much missed Kodachrome look? Anyway, Mike, enjoy your break in the Peak District.


  7. Very happy to hear that you are continuing that relationship with the SL2. She’s a real beauty, and anyway, theres far too much infidelity in the camera world these days! And that M10-R..first date and she does a no-show!


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