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The world deserves a witness: Leica


Leica has launched the third chapter of its branding campaign, The World Deserves a Witness. In conjunction with TBWA Paris, Leica aims to provide a singular vision of all those who use their cameras to document the world’s beauty, poetry and the unexpected side. The campaign comprises three visuals that will appear in print media, on outdoor posters and online in more than 15 countries around the world.

As for the two previous campaigns, the brand has chosen to showcase an iconic photographer as an emblematic figurehead for their selection. Following in the footsteps of American photographer Joel Meyerowitz, then Steve McCurry, it’s now Elliott Erwitt‘s turn to be honoured in this third body of work.

He is accompanied by two new photographers who deliver their unique point of view of the world.

Jasper Doest, is a young Dutch photographer who creates remarkable photographic series exploring the relationship of Humankind to Nature. Jasper invites us to ask ourselves about the consequences of today’s consumption patterns. He is a Senior Fellow of the International League of Conservation Photographers and an ambassador of the WWF/World Wildlife Fund. His work has been published in international journals such as National Geographic MagazineSmithsonian Magazine and GEO and has won numerous awards, notably World Press Photo and Wildlife Photographer of the Year.

Donato Di Camillo, for his part, shares his vision of a raw and radical America, ripe for atypical life moments. He’s a people photographer whose personal story and photographic expression have earned him recognition from the world’s biggest media names such as Stern, the BBC, the Washington Post, CBC, and the Huffington Post. The image from is his Beach Body Bingo series, shot at Coney Island (New York State, USA). Donato Di Camillo is one of the top 100 street photographers according to the magazine Lens Culture.

Read the Leica press release in full

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  1. For a start it’s an emotional campaign that focuses on the conscious decision to memorialize something as opposed to just “snapping” it. Now just make sure you tag the CL!

    TBWA is a legendary ad agency that has produced some really great campaigns for clients – Lego “Monster” with Frankie Howerd as voiceover – anyone?

    It’s a very good sign if Leica have hired them to produce a campaign like this.

  2. Fantastic
    With thousands of surveillance cameras per sqr kilometer. With millions people with a camera cellphone. With trillions of internet images in facewook or whatever.
    Who on earth minds any longer.
    Composition? Megapixels? Nothing is real already! Who minds. I mean


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