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Macfilos Service Update: Temporary error on page views


You may have noticed that the page views showing at the top of individual posts have been extremely low since we moved to the new server earlier last month. For some reason, the figures are entirely at odds with the page views shown in Google Analytics. Currently, the displayed values represent some 10 per cent of the actual figures. We’re working on this, although the source of the error isn’t clear. If you are an author wondering why your article isn’t getting the attention it deserves, this is why. It’s actually doing rather well! We apologise for the discrepancy, and we’re working on finding a solution.

Note: We have temporarily disabled the view count on blog posts because of the discrepancy between the figures and the actual statistics from Google Analytics.


  1. There is an acronym for this, but it escapes me. It relates to the software which records views and if it is not set up correctly it under records the ‘hits’. I came across another example of the effect last week. It concerned a website which had just moved to Squarespace. I’ve no solution to this, other than to suggest that you contact the party which provides your server space, but I’m sure that you have already done this.


  2. Our agency thinks it might be a cache problem. They’ve cleared the caches and we are now waiting to see if things improve. Google Analytics is working well and the page views are accurate, as far as I can determine. But a completely different set of page-view statistics is being used for the entry at the top of individual posts. Bear with us…


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