Monday, September 23, 2019

Finding the perfect camera backpack — with difficulty

Are you a rucksack person or a Mercury-the-messenger fan when it comes to carrying your photo gear. Mike is on the fence but he has found some sound advice for bag addicts everywhere.

Review: Billingham 35 photographer’s rucksack

Fed up with carrying a shoulder bag? Too much strain on the shoulder? If so, a Billingham rucksack could be your answer. Mike has had a look at the smaller Rucksack 35.

Evris Papanikolas and the new TieHerUp camera bag

I am a great fan of the camera straps made in Greece by Evris Papanikolas under his TieHerUp brand — especially the Rock n' Roll series which I wrote about last week. Now Evris is expanding his repertoire and first up is what looks like a great camera bag. 

Universal Charger: Last chance saloon when you are on the road

Last week Mike was up Kleiststrasse without a paddle. He had forgotten to pack the battery charger. W.Heath Robinson of Conrad Elektronik came to the rescue....

Minox Tabletop Tripod: Form and function combined in a delicious veteran

Bill has renewed his acquaintance with three vintage legs.....

Photography Travel Kit: Choosing a system to meet your needs

Bill has been overhauling his room full of bags and cases for forthcoming holiday season. But just what is the perfect set up for the travelling mirrorless camera enthusiast? Find out here.

Taab Focus Rings: Transform the handling of your non-tab Leica lenses

What do the current Leica 50mm Summicron, 50mm Noctilux and 75/90mm Apo-Summicrons have in common? They all lack a focus tab, something that I find near essential, especially in a smaller-diameter lens such as the 50 Cron.

Kindle Gets Bookerly: Finally, a typeface that makes reading a pleasure

John Brownlee, writing in Fastcompany says that Kindle finally gets typography that doesn't suck. I agree. Bookerly totally transforms the Amazon Kindle...

Adapter Lore: Which is best for your camera?

There is great interest in using third-party lenses on some modern digitals, particularly mirrorless offerings from the likes of Sony and Fuji. Leica M lenses are probably the iconic choice but there are endless permutations of lenses and cameras. All this is possible by using lens adapters to convert mounts to work with other manufacturers' lenses.

Review: Tom Bihn Synapse 19 backpack for computer and photo gear

For the past few years I have not been a great fan of backpacks and have tended to prefer messenger bags or...