Monday, February 17, 2020

Sony A7III First Impressions: A full-frame camera for M-mount lenses


A Sony A7III body has arrived for review, sans lens by design. We intent to review as a home for manual M-mount lenses. Can it offer all that the SL provides but in a smaller, lighter package?

Why Apple should buy Sony (but probably won’t)


What would be the benefits of Apple hoovering up Sony? In some ways the two companies are now a perfect match....

Sony A7: Goodbye, it was almost nice knowing you


John has had a long relationship with the Sony A7 — mainly because he couldn't find anyone to buy it off him.....

Leica SL: An upgrade for Sony A7 fans?


We hear a lot about the benefits of the Sony A7-series in relation to bulky full-frame DSLRs but there is now a very serious mirrorless competitor in the buxom shape of the Leica SL. Sure, it costs more, but is it a big improvement on the Sony? 

Leica IIIA: Fifty years of ownership leads to an encounter with a Sony A7


Back in 1966 John bought his first Leica and took it to Norway on a university expedition. It served him well at the time but it has been on the shelf for many years....

Topsy Turvey World: Leica Q is now cheaper than the Sony RX1R


Brexit price rises are biting and Sony's fixed-lens compact, the RX1R, surprisingly costs more than the Leica Q, arguably a much better camera and certainly a better investment. 

Leica Monochrom and Sony A7II on eccentric test track


The English, by common assent, are mad. Or, perhaps, we should say eccentric. Noël Coward was in no doubt and nor should be any right-minded individual exposed to the English at play. Especially when the mid-day sun shines.

Mykonos in monochrome with Sony’s A7II, Leica’s 50mm Summilux and Ricoh’s little GR


Just returned to Athens after quiet early-season foray to the beautiful Aegean island of Mykonos. I met some new photographer friends, Vlassis and Kostas, and found the first Leica M8 I've ever seen in the wild on this tiny island.

Sony’s share of the sensor business now tops 40 percent

According to Dpreview, Sony now has over 40 percent of the world’s sensor business: …..the image sensor business is doing so well that...

Sony A7r v Leica Monochrom resolution contest at the Photo Fundamentalist

Thomas Stanworth, the Photo Fundamentalist blogger, has some intriguing insights into the relative resolution of the current M9-based Leica Monochrom and...