Leica SL: Taming the wayward joystick to allow a fixed centre focus area

These days emphasis seems to be on a bewildering array of focus points which can be individually selected to home in on the subject. Many photographers prefer the old method of relying on a fixed centre focus point followed by recomposing the shot. Trouble is, I had difficulty setting up the Leica SL to do this. But Leica's Robin Sinha and I found the solution. it's easy when you know how.

Hands on with the Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 12-100 F4 IS Pro

This versatile 24-200mm (equivalent) professional zoom from Olympus is likely to be popular for travel. Although slower than the 12-40 (24-80) it is not dramatically larger, nor heavier. Mike got his hands on one at Photokina.

Leica-Meter MR: Coping with modern batteries

Last Sunday I bought a present for my 1954 Leica M3. I have wanted a Leica-Meter, the original companion for the...

Leica 28mm Summaron f/5.6 Review: Little old guy goes modern—perhaps

Mike’s recent article, about a possible ‘modernised’ version of the Leica 2.8cm f/5.6 Summaron screw-mount lens being introduced, tempted me to take down my copy of this lens and to shoot some photos on my most modern Leica digital M, the M240.

Leica M-D goes up to Oxford: One city, one lens, three focal lengths

Let's go and get some shots in Oxford. Visiting photographer Samon Takagi from Yokohama was on his first time in Britain. He'd already polished off Dublin, Edinburgh and London, not to mention Havana on the way from Japan. So a spot more culture was in the cards. I grabbed the new Leica M-D and we were ready to roll.

Panasonic GX8: Monday surprise at the camera centre

Mike wakes up to an offer he can't refuse....

Leica SL: The taming of the Noctilux

The most expensive M-lens, the f/0.95 Noctilux, comes into its own when twinned with the new SL. It is a marriage made in heaven, to coin a cliché.

Fuji XF 56mm review tops Macfilos posts this week

The review of the superb Fuji XF 56mm f/1.2 lens has taken top spot for readership this week, closely followed by...

First impressions: Olympus OM-D E-M1 and M.Zuiko 12-40mm

Last week I joined Mike Evans on the South Bank in London when he did some of the first shots with the Leica M-D. These appeared in the Macfilos review of the Leica and are being reproduced in the next issue of the Leica Society of America's Viewfinder magazine.

On Sunday I decided to follow Mike's footsteps with something different in hand—the Olympus OM-D E-M1 and that rather addictive 12-40 M.Zuiko f/2.8 zoom which featured in our zoom lens comparison last week. Mike had earlier taken the Leica SL and 24-90mm zoom along the same well-trodden path south of the Thames and it is interesting to compare those results with the M-D and, now, the Olympus.

Leica M-D and Eye-Fi import to Lightroom Mobile

Reader Michael Kong has discovered that he can use an Eye-Fi SD card to wirelessly transmit DNG files to his iPhone and then transfer JPG files to the Photos app.