Monday, June 17, 2019

Leica M3 Custom: One droolworthy camera and lens

Take a battered old 1950s double-stroke Leica M3 and turn it into highly desirable custom camera in six months. This is what James Fox-Davies decided to do with the M3 he bought on eBay. Not only did he have the body transformed into one of the coolest Leicas I've ever seen, he also matched it with a most unusual lens: A Noctilux competitor that I have never before seen on a Leica.

When Size Matters: The incredible shrinking iPhone 6 Plus

You know what? My iPhone 6 Plus is shrinking. Every day it gets smaller and now it looks perfectly dinky in its dark grey...

Jolly Good Chaps: Fuji’s X rig enters the legendary Chap Olympiad

Bill donned his 1930s schmutter and took his seasoned X-Pro1 to the remarkable Chap Olympiad in Central London. But he learned a truth about the old X-Pro. Is it still up to the job?

TextBlade: Seriously strange little portable keyboard could soon find a home on your desk...

Portable keyboards are nothing new, but the TextBlade is unique and is already stirring lust in the bosoms of typists everywhere. What’s more, this seriously strange little device is not intended just for on-the-go writing. It also makes a play for desk space as a replacement for your standard computer keyboard.

Ricoh GRIII reviewed and 10 reasons to keep the GRII

Eric Kim looks at the new GRIII but still loves the GRII

Review: Apple Magic Mouse 2 is a copper-bottomed investment

Bottoms were the problem with the old Magic Mouse. They kept falling off. Long-suffering users will therefore be glad to hear that the Magic Mouse 2 has left all that behind: Its derrière is a copper-bottomed triumph. No longer does the battery compartment flap keep falling off when you least expect it. And the good news doesn't end there because the MM2 overcomes another of the original's foibles when it comes to batteries.

All about the Leica M10-D

In my household the M10-D has caused more controversy than any other camera that I’ve tested for Leica, and on the internet...

Leica C Review: Smallest compact with built-in viewfinder

For the past few months I have been toting the tiny Leica C as my go-anywhere companion. Previously I favoured the...

Henge Dock: Turn your MacBook Pro retina into a clutter-free desktop computer

Since moving to Apple I have not come across a successful docking solution. This lack has had a big bearing on the viability of a MacBook Pro, for instance, as a desktop replacement. In many respects, a well specced laptop is the best solution, both for travel and for use back at base. But plugging and unplugging all those cables is a pain; the jumble of cables is also unsightly and offends my sense of order. 

Micro Four-Thirds Lenses in Focus: The makings of a lightweight travel kit

Mike is putting his toes in the m4/3 pool and rather likes the experience. Here he looks particularly at the impressive range of Panasonic Leica DG prime lenses.