Monday, February 17, 2020

Fuji X-Pro 2: First real-world impressions from Bill Palmer


Bill Palmer has been out and about with his sparkling new Fuji X-Pro2 and a trio of lenses. Read on for his first impressions and sample shots.

Leica T: A second look at the unusual T and the phenomenal 11-23mm zoom


Earlier today I picked up a Leica T and a brace of lenses, the workhorse 18-56mm and the wide-angle 11-23mm. Object of the exercise is to evaluate the firmware updates that have improved this camera since its launch—and since I first reviewed it—in mid 2014. Flossy Bellm at Leica UK indulged my wish in providing a black T this time round. I have to say that I much prefer the anodised black finish which creates an altogether more harmonious whole when combined with the top-mounted EVF and one of the zoom lenses.

Leica C: Initial results impress

I am currently testing the new Leica C compact which is virtually identical to Panasonic's LF1 and am liking what I...

Leica X: Two fresh takes on the fixed-lens compact from Wetzlar


Since the launch of the Leica X at Photokina last Septmber, I haven't had the chance to borrow a camera for review. They must be in short supply or something. I was therefore interested to see that Dpreview has been able to send out two experienced photographers to provide a second take on the X. It isn't all positive news.  

Leica X1: Pimped and primed for action


Regular reader Treve Kneebone has sent me a picture of his newly acquired Leica X1, the camera I have declared a Leica classic. Not the X2, not the latest X-E version, but the old slowcoach itself, hailing from the early teens. Macfilos seems to be gathering a rare old society of X1 fans, headed by Mister X1 himself, John Shingleton down there in Australia. Treve (he was born in Cornwall and his local first name is pronounced Treeve, not Trev) is the latest to succumb. He found a mint X1 and has set about personalising it.

Leica T: Image samples using the 18-56mm Vario-Elmar-T


These sample images are intended to accompany the full Leica T review which is linked at the end of this gallery. There is a separate gallery for pictures taken with the T and a selection of M lenses, also linked at the end. 

Review: Apple Magic Keyboard


Apple’s new Magic Keyboard has had a mixed reception and I don’t understand why. I bought it with a degree of trepidation and was prepared to return it to the Apple Store later the same day, based on reviews I had read. It’s too flat and shallow, the arrow key layout is impossible to get used to, the keys are too close together and they have too little travel: These were the negative vibes I’d been getting from a number of reviews so I had to try for myself.

Photokina 2016: Could the new Panasonic FZ2000 be the next Leica V-Lux?


Panasonic's new FZ2000 brings improved features, particularly an improved zoom range and better video ability for serious filmers. But will it be the basis for a Leica V-Lux upgrade?

Review: Leica V-Lux, the new super-zoom bridge camera with 1in sensor and 25-400mm zoom

Leica made two important additions to its compact range at September's Photokina. Both are cooperative ventures with Panasonic of Japan and both...

Zeiss Distagon 35mm f/1.4 ZM review by Markus Gerhards

The new Distagon 35mm f/1.4 from Zeiss promises a similar performance to the legendary 35mm Leica Summilux, albeit in a slightly heavier...