Saturday, July 4, 2020

Rock & Roll leather-covered rope straps for Leica

The latest Rock & Roll camera straps combine the strength and veratility of climbing rope with a fine nappa leather sheath complement any Leica camera.

Review: Billingham S3 photographic bag


Patrick Leong at Finding Range has taken am in-depth look at the new Billingham S3 bag.

Check out the depth of field and bokeh from a whole range of cameras...

Here’s a fun way to calculate depth of field and fondle the bokeh before you put eye to camera. I’ve hooked up...

Review: Billingham 35 photographer’s rucksack


Fed up with carrying a shoulder bag? Too much strain on the shoulder? If so, a Billingham rucksack could be your answer. Mike has had a look at the smaller Rucksack 35.

2013: Leica M goes to London’s Borough Market


Five years ago and a visit to London’s Borough Market with a Leica M

Fuji’s new extension tubes: To infinity and beyond


Back in November of last year you may remember reading my views on the macro options then available for Fuji X-users.  The MCEX-11 and MCEX-16 had just been announced and I was quite excited at the prospect; indeed I wrote to Santa in the hope of waking up on Christmas morning with something tubular in my stocking.  Sadly either Santa didn't get my note in time or I was on the Naughty List, because I had to wait until mid-January before I found an MCEX-16 in stock somewhere friendly enough to give me a small but perfectly formed discount.

Sony RX100 VI Review: The teeniest with the mostest


After extensive reviewing of both the Leica C-Lux and the Sony RX100 Mark VI, we are suffering from one-inch sensor overload here at Macfilos. The Sony, however, turns out to fully justify its “pocket” pretensions and crams a tremendous amount of power and sophistication into a package weighing just 50% more than an iPhone X.

Leica M-P and 50mm Apo-Summicron completes the trio of cameras sharing just the one...


Today I was out with the Leica M-P and the 50mm Apo-Summicron ASPH. It's the third visit to Tower Bridge to capture the skyline of the City of London from the south side of the river. I have worked with three cameras but just the one lens, Leica's latest and best fifty. I left the Leica until last and I do believe the combination of this camera and lens is a marriage made in heaven.

Fujifilm X-T4: First days, first impressions

New toy on the block as David takes delivery of the brand new Fujifilm X-T4 and looks at the improvements, including IBIS and more battery power...

Photos Review: Apple’s new image management app combines features of iPhoto and Aperture


Aperture devotees have been smarting since Apple announced that it would no longer be supporting its pro photography application. Instead, we were told, a new application, Photos, would replace both iPhoto and Aperture.