Monday, June 17, 2019

Leica M10-D First Impressions: Back to basics and all the better for it

We now have our hands on the new screen-less Leica M10-D and will be reviewing it in detail later. In the meantime, first impressions are extremely positive. If you want the simple life, read on….

More from the Leica X1: Ikigai and the lure of Blueys Beach

Ikigai is a Japanese word which means the reason for being, the purpose of life. It’s the thing which gets you out of bed in the morning. John checks out his ikigai on the coast of New South Wales….

Leica M10-D — the movie

Ivor and Mike give the new M10-D the once over……

The Kit Zoom: Not so boring after all

So-called standard kit zooms often have a bad rap. But there are good ‘uns and not-so-good ‘uns. The Leica 18-56mm Vario-Elmar-TL is one of the best options if you value high image quality in a lightweight, tiny package. It about as far away from a “kit” zoom as you can get, but it is the first lens you should buy for your CL or TL.

From the Archive: First Impressions of the f/0.95 Leica Noctilux

It wasn’t a new lens, but it was new to me. The Noctilux 0.95 went out for a run in Mayfair back in 2013

2013: Leica M goes to London’s Borough Market

Five years ago and a visit to London’s Borough Market with a Leica M

All about the Leica M10-D

In my household the M10-D has caused more controversy than any other camera that I’ve tested for Leica, and on the internet...

Leica M-D: Long-term review of the screenless digital

A screenless digital camera with a handful of options, no menus. Madness or pure inspiration? Mike has been using his M-D, the first to arrive in the UK, for three months and has a good answer to these questions.

Sony RX100 VI Review: The teeniest with the mostest

After extensive reviewing of both the Leica C-Lux and the Sony RX100 Mark VI, we are suffering from one-inch sensor overload here at Macfilos. The Sony, however, turns out to fully justify its “pocket” pretensions and crams a tremendous amount of power and sophistication into a package weighing just 50% more than an iPhone X.

Fujifilm X-T3 — is it a leap forward and will I buy one?

The Fujifilm X-T3 brings a raft of major improvements but not everyone will be upgrading according to David Bailey….