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Clothing: Three strikes and it’s out road to minimalism


My post on Kelly Sutton and his minimalist lifestyle (August 16) has aroused a lot of interest and it's clear there's a lot of interest in cutting down on the clutter of modern life. Yet not everything can be digitised and we still need a few plates and pots and pans, not to mention clothes. I admit, clothes are my achilles heel because I hoard stuff without let or favour. I hoard minute waited pants that might just fit again (but never will) and my hangers contain jackets that amuse the neighbours no end if I ever dares wear them again. The fact is, my wardrobes are bulging with useless stuff that out to go. 

So, encouraged by digital minimalism, I've embarked on the well-tried three-strikes-and-it's-out system of wardrobe management. Anything that hasn't been worn in the current year goes to Stage Two. And Stage Two garments that remain unworn at the end of year two go to Oxfam. I've discovered that for every 100 items of clothing (including socks, that is) only ten are worn in any given year. The rest is clutter that should have been cleared out years ago.

It's an abiding shame that we can't digitise our clothes and conjure up a shirt or pair of socks from iWardrobe every morning. Until that time comes, my rigorous closet shuffling to oblivion will be enforced.


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