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Telefonica O2: Two days without service


A big thumbs-down to O2 for technical problems in transferring numbers from other mobile networks. When I bought my iPhone last Saturday I arranged for my old number to be transferred from T-Mobile. I subsequently received an email advising me that the transfer would take place on August 28 and "could take up to 24 hours". Well, my old T-Mobile number ceased working, as did my new temporary O2 number, at 9 am yesterday. I've now been 30 hours without a phone service and O2 can offer no estimate of when service will be resumed. I'm told that this is a technical issue affecting all number changes and started yesterday morning. O2's technicians are reported to be giving this absolute priority. I should think so. And I hope that all O2 customers involved will get compensation. At 9 pm on August 29 my phone was reconnected, fortunately with my transferred number. Number transfer = 36 hours!


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