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Am I alone in wondering about the effectiveness of Bluetooth headsets? I've been trying out the iPhone Bluetooth headset and love the design and the nifty way of charging via the combined iPhone/headset adaptor cable. It works well, although I have experienced some of the problems I've noticed with previous in-ear bluetooth devices. Callers often claim they cannot hear you properly. You do have to shout a bit. I have also never liked the multi-function single button–one press for this, two quick presses for that. I'm often left wondering just what is happening and what I've initiated.

I have tried the Apple device over several days but am not convinced that it is for me. I feel a bit nerdy wearing it in my ear and, frankly, it isn't all that secure. I can imagine it falling out and getting lost. I actually prefer the standard wired headset/microphone which comes with the iPhone. At least I can listen to music or a podcast and select a call easily. And callers are not always complaining. I have now improved on this by the purchase of the Sennheiser iPhone earphones. They are very comfortable, the sound is great and the microphone (with activation button) is very conveniently placed on the cable. Also, I have the feeling that it is less nerdy to appear to be listening to an iPod than to be ever ready for a phone call by wearing a bluetooth device.


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